Month 0 – Roundup


It has been almost a month since I’ve left Berlin. I lived there for a little over three years, worked for two different companies (first a SEO agency, then an Online Shop for Designer Furniture) and had my first very own apartment. I gave up all of that – my job, my flat, most of my furniture, my life in Berlin. I know, I’m really bad at implementing small changes in my life, I can only do the big stuff all at once ;-)

I felt good to give up all of that to make my dream of traveling come true. The last weeks have been busy – or rather not. Basically, I wasn’t doing anything. Besides being in food coma for eating way too much on Christmas Eve, 25 December, 26 December, New Years Eve…and all the days in between. You get the point ;-)

I wanted to use my new free time to further prepare for my upcoming travels, but instead I found myself wondering and worrying about what will happen when I come back from my travels. Or when the money runs out. I suddenly got the feeling, now that I don’t have a job anymore, that I desperately have to find out in which direction my life will be headed and how I will be making a living. Earning a living. There’s a quote by Oscar Wilde, which I find quite suitable:

“I don’t want to earn my living, I want to live.”

After all, traveling was the reason, why I quit my job in the first place. It took me about three weeks to figure it out. Taking a bath in candle light, hearing the thunderstorm outside, I suddenly thought: “Now this was not the plan. The plan was to go traveling. There was no plan to worry about my career and figure out my future months ahead.” I just want to live in the upcoming months.


In the past weeks, a few people have asked me if I’m not afraid to travel (alone). I’m always a bit puzzled by those questions. Why would I be afraid now? I’m sure if I will find myself in a dangerous situation, I will be afraid. But now? No, I’m not afraid. I’m super duper excited.

However, I know there will be difficult times abroad, like when you just can’t figure out the way to your hostel, when you get lost (which probably won’t happen to me as I have a killer sense of directions), when you get sick, when you have diarrhea, when nobody speaks English and you don’t know how to tell the waitress that you want something without meat, when you have the feeling that the taxi driver is totally scamming you, when all the blinky-blinky lights of the typical Asian cities make you freak out, when the bus is not leaving where and when it should be. And so on.

But I assume, fear will not be one of the regular challenges I have to face. Unless I constantly have to walk somewhere alone and there a lots of street dogs ;-) Terribly afraid of them, I have to admit.

Right now I think my biggest challenge in the next months will be to let go, let loose, relax, enjoy my adventures and stop worrying.

Travel Preparations

With the beginning of 2014, I finally continued my travel preparations. I’ve booked my flights on the Philippines, I’ve bought my much desired new Pacsafe Laptop Bag, I’ve picked up the last missing vaccinations, got my Malaria meds, started to scan all my important documents, made copies of my important documents and so on. There will be another detailed post about my travel preparations, as there is so much you have to think about when you travel for a few months.

Current Route

Taiwan will be the first stop on my trip, to meet up with my Taiwanese friend Una and celebrate Chinese New Year together with her and her family. I will probably spend about 4 weeks in Taiwan and then will continue to the Philippines. I’ve booked tickets for Palawan (Puerto Princesa) and Boracay. I also want to spend some time in Manila and visit a few places in Northern-Luzon. The plan is to spend 4 weeks on the Philippines and then fly to Thailand, but I haven’t booked that ticket yet, since I don’t know if my next stop will be Bangkok or one of the islands in Southern Thailand.

I will very like spend some time in Bangkok to apply for a Vietnamese and Chinese Visa. If that all works out (and I don’t change my plans in the meantime), I plan to travel to Southern China (Yunnan province), Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

My trip home will start in Singapore, followed by a quick 5-day stopover in Beijing to walk the Great Wall of China and will end in Frankfurt.

Let’s see how much I will stick to these plans ;-)

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  1. Can´t wait to read the next installment, Kristin! So much of what you´re writing sounds so familiar! Keep the blog posts coming – I´m following keenly, even whilst on the road!
    Lots of luck and safe travels for your fast approaching departure date! You´re going to have a blast! xo

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